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    /catalog/search?term=Sodium... CachedMolecular Weight: 74.44. CAS Number: 7681-52-9. reagent grade, available chlorine 10-15 % reagent grade, available chlorine 4.00-4.99 % 6-14% active chlorine basis. Sodium hypochlorite solution. 1 Product Result. | Match Criteria: Product Name. (6-14% active chlorine) EMPLURA® Alkaline Hypochlorite solution. 1 Product Result.

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    causticprills.com/MSDS/HYPO/Sodium Hypochlorite Solution...Revision date: 01/11/2018 Revision: 01 Supersedes date: 01/07/2018 SAFETY DATA SHEET Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 12% SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Product identifier Product name Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 12% REACH registration notes Not registered – not for sale in the EU CAS ... File Size: 230KBPage Count: 9

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    algoma.msdsworld.com/msds/English/30487.pdfSodium hypochlorite (CAS STEL 2 mg/m3 7681-52-9) Biological limit values No biological exposure limits noted for the ingredient(s). 3 / 10 Material name: Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% 5337 Version #: 05 Revision date: 03-02-2018 Issue date: 09-21-2016 SDS US File Size: 96KBPage Count: 10

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    sodium... CachedSodium hypochlorite is a strong and effective disinfectant. Sodium hypochlorite denatures protein in micro-organisms and is therefore effective in killing bacteria, fungus and viruses. The uses of Sodium hypochlorite include disinfection, bleaching and water treatment. Appearance: Liquid. Colour: Yellowish green. Available Chorine: 14/15%.

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    products CachedProducts DET-SOL 500 ® Det-Sol 500 ® is recommended for areas that have a high risk of exposure and infection. It is recommended for surfaces not directly involved in blood or body fluid spills. Det-Sol 500 ® has been evaluated according to TGA guidelines for hospital grade disinfectant and sanitisers under clean conditions.

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    Sodium Hypochlorite 7681-52-9 1.0-3.0 ... MSDS data does not apply to use with any other product or in any other process. ... AUG 02/2018. Title: Safety Data Sheet ...

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    Safety Data Sheet of 7 Infosafe No ™ 1CH6G Issue Date : May 2018 RE-ISSUED by CHEMSUPP Product Name : SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE Solution 8 -12.5% avail. Chlorine Classified as hazardous Precautionary P501 Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant. statement – Disposal 3. File Size: 133KBPage Count: 7

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    msds.html CachedCalcium Hypochlorite Granular Ferric Chloride 38-42% Ferrous Sulfate Hydrochloric Acid (All Grades) Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFS) NAPCO 1218 NAPCO 1282 Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) Aquamine Liquid Sulfate (LAS) NAPCO White Oil Sodium Bisulfite (DCHLOR) Sodium Hydroxide Solution NAPCO 50% Cirtic Acid

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    Sodium Hypochlorite Product Names: Aqua Guard Chlorinating Sanitizer, Aqua Guard Bleach, Liquid Chlorine Solution, Liquid Bleach, Hypochlorite, Hypo and Chlorine Bleach. Listed Strengths: 10.5%, 12.5% and 15% CAS Number: 7681-52-9 Date MSDS Revised: August 2007 (previous revision 11/04)

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    MSDS...sodium hypochlorite 16%: 55mg/L sodium hypochlorite 17%: 51mg/L sodium hypochlorite 18%: 48mg/L sodium hypochlorite 19%: 46mg/L sodium hypochlorite 20%: 43mg/L NOTE: Any product strength below 7% is not regulated by TDG. Sanitizer Use: to obtain 10 liters of a 200 mg/L solution as available chlorine, use 16.7 mL of Hypochlor-12 for File Size: 102KBPage Count: 7

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    MSDS.pdfSAFETY DATA SHEET 038007A Sodium Hypochlorite 14% 25L (EA) 104-0297 According to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annex II, as amended by Regulation (EU) No 453/2010 SECTION 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Product identifier Product name 038007A Sodium Hypochlorite 14% 25L (EA) 104-0297

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    /threads/signature-home... CachedRetail, consumer grade bleach is all the same - sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium chloride (salt) and water. The lye and salt come from the manufacturing process. KIK makes bleach for almost all brands of bleach. As long as it's not scented or splashless and the date code shows it's fresh, then it's fine to use.


    hollandiagardens.com/.../01/Sodium-Hypochlorite-Dec-2016.pdfSOURCES: Supplier MSDS For updated copies of an MSDS, please contact Anchem Sales at the address/phone number on Page 1 or fax the MSDS Co-ordinator at (519) 451-4593. Special Provisions for Transport LAST PAGE Form 074 Revised Aug 2016 Page 3 of 3 File Size: 107KBPage Count: 3

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    olinchloralkali.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/...Material Safety Data Sheet OLIN CORPORATION Product name: Sodium Hypochlorite, 17-30% Issue Date: 00.00.0000 Print Date: 11.06.2018 OLIN CORPORATION encourages and expects you to read and understand the entire (M)SDS, as there is important information throughout the document. We expect you to follow the precautions

  • Safety Data Sheet - KISHIDA

    msds/id/11567/code/020...Sodium hypochlorite solution,KISHIDA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.,7181E-1,17/01/2018 6/7 13. Disposal considerations Waste treatment methods Avoid release to the environment (- if this is not the intended use). Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/national regulation.

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    msds/hypo...MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Chemical Name : Sodium Hypochlorite Solution UN.No.1791 Synonym : Bleach Hypochlorous acid, Sodium Salt, Soda bleach & Sodium Oxychloride. Chemical Formula : Naocl Molecular weight : 74.44 Product codes : 9416, P005 2. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance : Colourless to ... File Size: 85KBPage Count: 2

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    pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../Sodium-hypochloriteSodium hypochlorite is an inorganic sodium salt in which hypochlorite is the counterion. It has a role as a disinfectant and a bleaching agent. It contains a hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite appears as colorless or slightly yellow watery liquid with an odor of household bleach.

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    msds?partNumber=749511&...Safety Data Sheet 1.1. Product Identifier Trade Name or Designation: Product Number: Other Identifying Product Numbers: Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 2.5% (w/w) NaOCl 7495.1 7495.1-1, 7495.1-16, 7495.1-32, 7495.1-55 1.2. Recommended Use and Restrictions on Use General Laboratory Reagent 1.3. Details of the Supplier of the Safety Data Sheet ...

  • SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, 5% MSDS - NuVest Chemicals

    nuvestchem.co.za/sodium-hypochlorite-5-msds CachedToxicological Data on Ingredients: Sodium hypochlorite: ORAL (LD50): Acute: 5800 mg/kg [Mouse]. 8910 mg/kg [Rat]. 3: Hazards Identification Potential Acute Health Effects: Very hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, Hazardous in case of skin contact (corrosive), of eye contact (corrosive).


    msds/S43750_26422_101.pdfSAFETY DATA SHEET: SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, 12.5% SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE, 12.5% S437.50 INTEGRA Chemical Company 24 Hour Emergency Response: CHEMTREC 800-424-9300 (Outside USA 703-527-3887) 1216 6th Ave N Kent WA 98032 Phone: 253-479-7000 NaOCl 74.44 Recommended Use: Restrictions on Use: Commercial/industrial use Product Name: Formula and Formula Weight: File Size: 26KBPage Count: 3

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    /shop/msdsproxy?productName=SS2901Sodium hypochlorite 7681-52-9 4-6 4. First-aid measures General Advice Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Immediate medical attention is required. Eye Contact Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes.

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    /wp-content/uploads/...Sodium hypochlorite 7681-52-9 5 - 10 * * The exact percentage (concentration) of composition has been withheld as a trade secret. 4. FIRST AID MEASURES First aid measures General Advice Call a poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance.

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    msds/msds/LC24640.pdfSodium Hypochlorite, 2-3% w/v Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations Date of issue: 05/05/2015 Revision date: 02/19/2020 Supersedes: 04/04/2018 Version: 1.2 02/19/2020 EN (English US) Page 1 SECTION 1: Identification . 1.1. Identification . Product form : Mixtures File Size: 118KBPage Count: 7

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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_hypo_chlorite CachedSodium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with the formula NaOCl or NaClO, comprising a sodium cation (Na +) and a hypochlorite anion (OCl − or ClO −). It may also be viewed as the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid. The anhydrous compound is unstable and may decompose explosively. It can be crystallized as a pentahydrate NaOCl ·5 H Chemical formula: NaOClRTECS number: NH3486300EC Number: 231-668-3UN number: 1791

  • Univar Downers Grove, IL 60515 SAFETY DATA SHEET

    atpgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Univar...Sodium hypochlorite 7681 -52 -9 10 - 16% Sodium hydroxide 1310 -73 -2 0.3 - 5% Water 7732 -18 -5 80 - 89.7% * All concentrations are percent by weight unless ingredient is a gas. File Size: 304KBPage Count: 14

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    /brands/safety... CachedSafety Data Sheets (SDS) The SDS is designed to provide workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with our products. An SDS provides information about a product's physical data such as flash point, appearance, and health effects.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite, 5% w/v - LabChem Inc

    msds/msds/LC24630.pdfSodium Hypochlorite, 5% w/v . Safety Data Sheet . according to Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations. 11/19/2013 EN (English) 6/7 . SECTION 15: Regulatory information . 15.1. US Federal regulations . Sodium Hypochlorite, 5% w/v (7681-52-9) Listed on the United States TSCA (Toxic Substances Control ... File Size: 113KBPage Count: 7

  • SAFETY DATA SHEET Sodium hypochlorite solution

    SAFETY DATA SHEET Sodium hypochlorite solution SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING 1.1. Product identifier Product name Sodium hypochlorite solution Synonyms, Trade Names Commonly called bleach solution REACH Registration number 01-2119488154-34 CAS-No. 7681-52-9 EC No. 231-668-3 1.2. File Size: 72KBPage Count: 7

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    beta-static.fishersci.com/content/dam/fishersci/...Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. 3 Effective date : 12.14.2014 Page 2 of 7 Sodium Hypochlorite,13% Created by Global Safety Management, Inc. -Tel: 1-813-435-5161 - Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water File Size: 127KBPage Count: 7

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    2018/07/SODIUM-HYPOCHLORITE-MSDS.pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Chemical or mixture: Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) Date of last revision 19/06/2018 Page 05 / 06 2-FQ-703160-003/02 Possibility of hazardous reactions:Reacts violently with strong acids, halogenated organic compounds and nitrogenous organic compounds. Conditions to avoid: Keeping the temperature between 15 - 25 ...

  • People also ask What are the dangers of sodium hypochlorite? However, one major concern arising from sodium hypochlorite use is that it tends to form persistent chlorinated organic compounds, including known carcinogens, that can be absorbed by organisms and enter the food chain. These compounds may be formed during household storage and use as well during industrial use. Sodium hypochlorite - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_hypo_chloriteSee all results for this question Is sodium hypochlorite an ion? In spite of its strong biocidal action, sodium hypochlorite per se has limited environmental impact, since the hypochlorite ion rapidly degrades before it can be absorbed by living beings. [54] However, one major concern arising from sodium hypochlorite use is that it tends to form persistent chlorinated organic compounds, including known carcinogens, that can be absorbed by organisms and enter the food chain . Sodium hypochlorite - Wikipedia

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