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    pt.scribd.com/document/140721711/Productos-Stepan CachedPRODUCT BLENDS STEPAN MC-48/LM 80/20 BLEND STEPOSOL DG. MFG. REGION. CHEMICAL DESCRIPTION. ACTIVE % FORM AT 25C. ANIONIC/NONIONIC BLEND CATIONIC/NONIONIC BLEND. 53 100. Paste Liquid. Versatile surfactant blend that functions well in hard water. Used as a solvent replacement and in water-based cleaning and degreasing formulations. SOUTH AMERICA ... 5/5 (1)

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    www.stepan.com/.../LM-80/20-BLEND.aspx CachedOverview. STEPAN MC-48/LM 80/20 BLEND is an anionic /nonionic surfactant blend providing excellent hard water tolerance. It is useful in household and industrial liquid laundry, hand dishwashing liquids, hard surface cleaning and specialty foamer formulations.

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    STEPAN-MC-48-LM-80-20-Blend CachedSTEPAN® MC-48/LM 80/20 Blend is an anionic and nonionic surfactant blend derived from oleochemicals. This versatile surfactant blend functions well in hard water and has excellent hard water tolerance. It is useful in household and industrial liquid laundry, hand dishwash, hard surface cleaners and specialty foam applications.

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    Cachedstepan mc-48/lm 80/20 stepanol csw stepanol hdl-50 stepanol lcld stepanol ldl-3 stepanol udl steposol dg. blend. bio-terge 804 bio-terge 804m bio-terge s-hs nutrapon kb-1 stepan pearl 2 stepan pearl 4. personal care product

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    stepan.html CachedStepan Company is a major manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in a broad range of industries. ... STEPAN® C-65: STEPAN® MC-48/LM 80/20 BLEND ...

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