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    piercing.com/aftercareYour piercing was performed by a professional piercer, by following a few simple suggestions your healing should move through the phases of healing to maturation smoothly. Although not physicians, our staff is very knowledgeable and is here to answer any questions you may have about aftercare. All new piercings must be cleaned regularly.

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    piercing... CachedJul 14, 2017 · Thoroughly clean piercing once a day for the duration of the estimated healing time for your particular piercing. Remember, this is an initial healing period only. Your piercing will not be completely healed until many weeks after the initial healing time is over.

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    h2ocean.com/.../product-category/piercing-aftercare CachedGET 3 4OZ PIERCING AFTERCARE SPRAY BOTTLES FOR $30!!! H2Ocean's Arctic Rinse oral rinse was designed to help heal and protect new oral piercings without using harmful chemical solutions. Our alcohol and fluoride free oral rinses are the only sea salt based oral rinse with enzymes naturally found in your saliva.

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    www.piercology.com/aftercare CachedFACIAL, BODY, & EAR PIERCING AFTERCARE. Congratulations on getting your new piercing, we hope you enjoy it for years! Taking care of your new piercing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a smooth healing process without irritation or infection.

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    elitebodypiercing.com/piercing-aftercare CachedThe Elite Body Piercing System is a method of piercing and aftercare that protects against infection and various other complications caused by alternate body piercing methods. Our staff are very concerned for the safety of our clients.

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    bodypiercing.com/aftercare CachedHands are covered in bacteria that can irritate your piercing or worse, cause an infection. Follow the suggested aftercare as per instructions from your piercer. Be sure to come in for proper downsizing of your jewelry once this swelling as gone down (this time frame can be found on your aftercare sheet).

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    forbiddentattooandpiercing.com/professional-body... CachedBody Jewelry Unless there is a problem with the size, style or material of the initial jewelry, leave it in place for the entire healing period. Even a well-healed piercing can shrink or close in minutes even after having been there for years.

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    avantibodyjewelry.com/pages/aftercare CachedIf you have any other questions about body piercing aftercare, please come into our studio or call us at 503-620-0110 and our experienced staff can help you any time. We're one of the most experienced piercing shops in Portland, so we've seen it all! If you need piercing aftercare advice, come visit our piercing studio in Portland today!

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    piercing... CachedTattoo & piercing aftercare. When getting a tattoo or a piercing, following all aftercare instructions is crucial to prevent problems like infection. Aftercare products include sprays, foams, cleansers, lotions, salves, and more. Options for aftercare products

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    www.dahliabodypiercing.com/aftercare CachedIf you suspect that you have an infection, contact your body piercer or your doctor at once. SPECIAL CARE FOR ORAL PIERCINGS. The inside of the mouth heals relatively quickly. Use the piercing aftercare on the main aftercare page for the external part of lip and cheek piercings. The biggest concern with oral piercing is swelling.

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    www.bodyjewelry.com/tattoo-and-piercing... CachedPiercing & Tattoo Aftercare - These items are for all your aftercare needs. From the saline solution for you brand new piercings to the ointment for your brand new tattoo. All these items will help the process of healing and it will reduce the chance of infection greatly. These are top quality items.

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    info.painfulpleasures.com/help-center/aftercare... CachedBody Piercing Aftercare. A piercing, much like a tattoo, is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression. When you get a new piercing, it's important to follow proper aftercare to ensure that it heals well and lasts. It's important to follow your professional piercer's aftercare instructions, but if you're looking for supplemental ...

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    piercing.com/aftercare CachedBody Piercing Aftercare. USE WARM SEA SALT WATER (SALINE) SOAKS – MORNING AND EVENING Soaking your piercing with a warm, mild sea salt water solution will not only feel good, it will also help prevent infection, reduce the risk of scarring, and speed the healing of your piercing.

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    bodyart.com/piercing-aftercare CachedNo problem! Download our piercing aftercare brochure or continue reading. Basic Piercing Aftercare. The first step to healing is to be healthy! Happy, healthy bodies make for happy, healthy piercings. Good personal hygiene and a stress-free life, complemented by a nutritious diet with proper hydration will enable the body to heal faster.

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    www.piercingmodels.com/piercing-aftercare-guide CachedSep 13, 2019 · Piercing aftercare mist is a great option for people who are needing a spray solution, but want it to last longer than your typical saline spray. We have used this fine mist on inner ear piercings and other hard to reach areas since the bottle sprays well even when turned upside down.

  • People also ask How to clean a body piercing? Begin by washing your hands thoroughly with the hand soap. Be sure all dirt is removed so it is not transferred to the pierced area. Fill the small cup with a small amount of the saline ... If your piercing is in a location that can be completely covered by the mouth of the cup, then fill the cup about half full and place it over the ... How to Clean a Piercing » How To Clean Stuff.net

    piercing/See all results for this question How to care for a new piercing? "Use a mild soap and warm water, twice a day." "I tell people not to touch their piercings; don "Piercers will also recommend a "Healing piercings can be circumstantial. They Tips on How to Properly Care for Your New Piercing - Coveteur

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    www.driftpiercing.com CachedDrift was born from a passion for precious metals, genuine stones, and fashion. The need for a luxury and high end piercing studio in Orlando was apparent, and we were eager to bring that experience to the area. We pride ourselves in having the widest selection of high end body jewelry from the best manufacturers that this industry has to offer!

  • Suggested Aftercare for Body Piercing • Packaged sterile saline (with no additives, read the label) is a gentle choice for piercing... • WASH your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing for any reason. • SALINE soak for five to ten minutes once or more per day. • If your piercer suggests using soap,... Aftercare - Association of Professional Piercers aftercare.php

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    midnightmoontattoo.com/body-piercing-aftercare CachedBody Piercing Aftercare Instructions Cleaning Solutions – Packaged (pressurized can or individually wrapped single use wipes) sterile saline solution with no additives (read label).

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    body-piercing...Body Piercing Aftercare Advice Sheet Premises Name: Premises Address: Telephone Number: Practitioner: (Print Name) Date of Treatment: Site of Treatment: This advice sheet is given as your written reminder of the advised aftercare for your new piercing. Getting a new piercing involves breaking the skin surface so there is always a potential risk for File Size: 28KBPage Count: 2

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    bodyjewelry.com/piercing-aftercare.html CachedPiercing Aftercare Stock up on our fresh, natural, anti-bacterial aftercare products--proven to be an excellent choice for healing body piercings. Our products prevent piercing infections and promotes faster healing. Starting with the all natural and best selling sea salt aftercare collection, "H2Ocean". For washing/removing unwanted piercing crusts we recommend, "Provon" Antimicrobial Lotion ...

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    bodyelectrictattoo.com/after-care CachedOral Piercing. This aftercare applies to the inside of lip piercings, cheek piercings, and tongue piercings. Just like an external body piercing, make sure to clean your hands before touching your oral piercing. The only cleaning product that should be used on this area is an alcohol free mouth rinse such as "Tech 2000." Location: 7274 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90046 United StatesPhone: (323) 954-0408

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    bodyjewelry.com/lip-labret-piercing... CachedThe vertical labret is a "vertical" version of the traditional labret piercing, which allows for both ends of the jewelry to show. The look is achieved by using a curved barbell, so that one end of the piercing is under the bottom lip like the horizontal labret and the other end rests in the center on top of the bottom lip. 16 gauge is ...

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    icontattoo.com/aftercare CachedAlways wash your hands before touching your body piercing. Saline Rinse: Soften any crusties on the jewelry and the surrounding skin with saline and without turning the jewelry (soaking does a tremendous job- see below). Gently clear any lymph (crusties) using a clean q-tip and saline without turning the jewelry.

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    finderskeepersbodypiercing.com/aftercare CachedBody piercing is inflicting a wound and getting the jewelry to heal around the jewelry. Hyper-trophic scarring occurs at the sight of a wound (piercing) by producing an over abundance of collagen on the surrounding skin in the form of a raised bump. This usually occurs within 2-8 weeks following a new piercing.

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    infinitebody.com/pages/basic-piercing-care CachedMild Liquid Soap. While sea salt soaks and/or saline rinses are the preferred aftercare for most piercings, soap effectively removes the residue of sweat, dirt, skin oils, cosmetics, cigarette smoke, and natural discharge that can sometimes remain after a salt water soak or saline rinse.

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    piercing.com/faq/aftercare-faq CachedIf your body jewelry feels tight from inflammation, come back into any Almost Famous Body Piercing locations so one of our piercers can check the piercing for you and suggest a change out to a longer piece of jewelry if needed. Clean the piercing twice a day with the glycerin soap and 2-3 times a day with the sea salt and water soaks.

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    bodypiercing.com/aftercare CachedKeep other people's body fluids off your new piercing. This is important because bacteria from your body differs from other peoples, which can lead to infection. Keep your piercing out of large bodies of water; including lakes, rivers, oceans, swimming pools, hot tubs, even your own bathtub for the first three months.

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    4:49Body Piercing Aftercare Update 2019 | UrbanBodyJewelry.comyoutube.com7:47Navel / Belly Button Piercing Info & Aftercare | UrbanBodyJewelry.comyoutube.com4:06Body Piercing Aftercare: Sea Salt Soaksyoutube.com2:07Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : Body Piercing Trainingyoutube.comMore Body Piercing Aftercare videos

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    /conditions/infected-piercings CachedAn infected piercing can usually be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotic cream can be used to treat minor infections. Tablets may be needed for more serious infections. Risks from piercings. Bacterial infection is the main risk associated with piercings. An abscess (build-up of pus) may form around the piercing site which, if left untreated ...

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    lulusbodypiercing.com/piercing-aftercare CachedPiercing Aftercare General healing time for all piercings is 4-8 months. Healing varies with each individual, their body and the type of piercing(s) they received.

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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_piercing_aftercare CachedBody piercing is an invasive procedure with some risks, including allergic reaction, infection, excessive scarring and unanticipated physical injuries, but such precautions as sanitary piercing procedures and careful aftercare are emphasized to minimize the likelihood of encountering serious problems. The healing time required for a body ...

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    piercing.org/aftercare.php CachedAftercare Suggested Aftercare for Body Piercing Cleaning Solutions. Packaged sterile saline (with no additives, read the label) is a gentle choice for piercing aftercare. If sterile saline is not available in your region a sea salt solution mixture can be a viable alternative.

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