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    alcohol-based-perfumes-22 CachedBurhan Uddin 15 August, 2008 at 10:23 pm. Are any and all alcohol based perfumes allowed, regardless of what kinds of alcohol or how much alcohol they contain? The article mentions that, one should avoid these perfumes if they contain a large amount of intoxicant in them.

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    answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=... CachedJun 28, 2012 · 1) The basic principle is that the perfumes which are common among people are permissible, except in cases where they are known to contain something which would prevent their use, such as their containing intoxicants, or where a large quantity of the perfume would cause intoxication, or it contains something impure (najaasah), etc.

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    muslims-can-spray-perfumes... CachedAnother opinion says that such perfumes can be used because alcohol is not impure," he said. He said many Muslims scholars hold the view that use of perfumes that contain only a small percentage of alcohol can be allowed since it does not cause intoxication. Research indicates that the global market for perfumes is worth about $17 billion a year.

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    Can-Muslims-use-alcohol-based-perfumesAlcohol is not forbidden in Islam…. The liquor (khamr) are forbidden in Islam. Liquor consists of sugar, alcohol and water after the fermentation process. So any alcohol not derived from fermentation process can be used. How can Muslims use alcohol for skin cleansing *... Sep 15, 2019

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    Alcohol/fatwa_alcohol001.html Cached"It is forbidden to drink alcohol. In the perfumes usually denatured alcohol is used. This alcohol is not unclean (najas). According to some jurists even natural alcohol is not najas. According to the Shari`ah, there is nothing wrong in using alcohol based perfumes." You can also read: Using Products Containing Alcohol

  • Is antibacterial hand sanitiser haram for Muslims? | Metro News

    metro.co.uk/2020/03/25/antibacterial-hand... CachedMar 25, 2020 · Muslims, for example, don't drink alcohol and typically avoid it in foods or other things that contain it, such as perfumes and deodorants, lest it should invalidate prayers, which need to be ... Author: Faima Bakar

  • IUIU Lecturer Okays Muslims to Use Alcohol Based Hand ...

    campusbee.ug/news/iuiu-lecturer-okays-muslims-to... CachedApr 16, 2020 · Islam forbids consumption of intoxicants including alcohol. This sparked debate on whether Muslims should be using alcohol based sanitizers in the current situation to defeat the novel Coronavirus. A lecturer at the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU), Abdulswamad Gyagenda who is a Master of Islamic Studies cites verses in the Holy Qur'an that forbids …

  • Muslim can use alcohol-based perfume or not?

    forum.lowyat.net/topic/4817907/all CachedSerious question, can a muslim use an alcohol-based perfume (malaysia context)? Lets say spray the perfume on cloth and go sembahyang, can?Ayam going to purchase a perfume for my friend liao. Googling the question cannot really get a definitive answer since Malaysia follow mazhab syafie (so ayam not sure).

  • Alcohol in Herbal Medicines

    napiers.net/alcohol.html CachedDec 04, 2014 · However, if the alcohol is derived from other than grapes or dates, then there is no problem according to the view of Imam Abu Hanifa, in that it will not be unlawful to use such alcohol (and perfumes and medicines made thereof) for medical or other lawful purposes as long as the alcohol does not reach the level of intoxication"….

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    CachedTo summarise, it would be permitted to use the various types of perfumes, deodorants and creams that contain alcohol due to the fact that the alcohol contained in them is from other than grapes, dates and barley or it is a synthetic alcohol (formulated from chemical substances) and not the khamr (wine) that is absolutely impermissible and filthy.

  • Top 10 Alcohol Free & Organic Perfume Brands To Buy In 2020

    alcohol-free-perfume-brands... Cached1 – Al-Rehab. Brand's Portfolio: Al-Rehab is a Middle-Eastern perfume manufacturer. Perfumes by Al-Rehab are alcohol-free and give off rich, lush and traditional scents. 2 – Orientica. Brand's Portfolio: Orientica is a brand based in the United Arab Emirates. Its parent company is Al-Haramain, and all Orientica products are available there. 3 – Al-Haramain. Brand's Portfolio: Al-Haramain Perfumes was established for the Middle Eastern consumers in 1970. They incorporate other brands as well, such as Orientica and Al-Halal. 4 – Ganesha's Garden. Brand's Portfolio: It's a truly unique and exotic brand of fragrances. Ganesha's Botanical Body Scents is a line of 'solid perfumes' that come in hand-crafted soapstone boxes. See all full list on brandedgirls.com

  • Is using alcoholic perfume haram? - Islam Stack Exchange

    islam.stackexchange.com/questions/17548/is-using... CachedUse of perfumes in general is permissible. And the same ruling applies for perfumes which contain alcohol. This has to do with the fact that alcohol is not najs (unclean). The prohibition is on the consumption/drinking of alcohol. Therefore, so long as the perfumes doesn't contain anything unclean it is permissible to use them.

  • Alcohol Perfume | i dream of perfume

    idreamofperfume.com/category/recipes/alcohol-perfume CachedThis is the alcohol-based version of the perfume Chameleon from Mandy Aftel's book, Fragrant. I've been doing a bit of a "Julie & Julia" thing, blending along with Mandy's recipes as a beginner's way to leap into the world of artisanal perfume.

  • Why I Work With Oil Perfumes vs Alcohol-Based Perfumes ...

    CachedYou can rest assured that your skin is not absorbing any synthetic substances that are often toxic. Instead it's just a little jojoba oil, good for your skin and the rest of your body. The flammability issue. Aside from the actual quality difference between oil perfumes vs alcohol-based perfumes, there are also practical considerations.

  • halal haram - Alcohol in perfumes? - Islam Stack Exchange

    islam.stackexchange.com/.../2990/alcohol-in-perfumes CachedHowever, I can't find a definitive answer to this question; some people say it is strictly forbidden, while others that a seemingly arbitrary amount is halal in some perfumes. I've researched this before and it seems to hinge on whether alcohol is considered pure or not, but I never got to the bottom of that.

  • Ruling on alcohol based perfume #HUDATV - YouTube

    /watch?v=jW5WHGngHJM CachedSep 09, 2015 · Jis Perfume Me Alcohol Ho Kya Usko Lagane Se Namaz Nahi Hoti Hai By @Adv. Faiz Syed - Duration: 3:07. IRC TV 341,081 views Views: 21.2KAuthor: Huda TVVideo Duration: 3 min

  • can i pray namaz with alcohol based perfumes? | Yahoo Answers

    uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=... CachedMar 28, 2009 · (You can use it in mouthwash, perfume, bug spray, etc, but not in foods or drinks) 2) That which intoxicates when consumed, a little of it or a lot, then it considered khamr (intoxicant), and it is not permissible to buy, sell, transport, use, or consume.

  • Alcohol in Islam - The Religion of Islam

    CachedIn pre Islamic Arabia, alcohol use was widespread. To eradicate this evil, God in His mercy revealed the prohibition in stages. First, He made it clear to them that the harm of drinking alcohol is greater than its benefit, next He told the Muslims not to come to prayer while intoxicated and finally, He revealed a verse totally prohibiting alcohol.

  • Why Is Alcohol Used in Colognes? | LEAFtv

    is-alcohol-used-in-colognes CachedColognes are mixtures of scents, water and alcohol. In the Ottoman Empire cologne makers used alcohol made from the fermentation of sugary fruits or grains. Today much of the alcohol used in the making of cologne is commercially distilled.

  • UMMAHNEWS.CO.UK: The Issue of Alcohol in Cosmetic products ...

    CachedPLEASE NOTE THE INGREDIENTS CONTAINED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE HALAAL FOR EXTERNAL USE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED Summary The general rule on the use of alcohol based perfumes/deodrants, etc is that if the alcohol has been extracted from grapes or dates their use will be forbidden since this is Najis (impure) and will thus make the body and clothes impure.

  • Ruling on perfumes containing alcohol - Islam Question & Answer

    islamqa.info/en/answers/1365 CachedPraise be to Allaah. We need to talk at length about the issue of perfumes that are said to contain cologne or alcohol. If the percentage of alcohol is very little, we say that it does not matter, and a person may use them without any concern, such as if the alcohol content is 5% or less.

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    archive.islamonline.net/1001 Cached"It is forbidden to drink alcohol. In the perfumes usually denatured alcohol is used. This alcohol is not unclean (najas). According to some jurists even natural alcohol is notnajas. According to the Shari`ah, there is nothing wrong in using alcohol based perfumes." You can also read: Using Products Containing Alcohol . Group of Muftis

  • Islamic Ittar Muslim Attar Oil Perfumes | Muslim American Store

    store.muslimamerican.com/Attar-Perfume-Oils-s/... CachedFirstly, alcohol free fragrances are more pleasant; whereas alcohol based scents have a harsh, intense blast of scent and can more easily be overpowering. Oil based fragrances are applied lightly, with just a few drops so it is much easier to control the intensity of the aroma and Muslims can better observe social modesty by preventing ...

  • Muslims can spray on alcohol-based perfumes - News - Emirates ...

    muslims-can... CachedIf alcohol-free fragrances are available, Muslims are obliged to use them, he added. "There are two legitimate opinions about impurity of perfumes containing a high percentage of alcohol.

  • How to Make Alcohol Based Perfume | Our Everyday Life

    oureverydaylife.com/how-to-make-alcohol-based... CachedNearly all commercially sold fragrances are created using alcohol as a fixative. The ingredients listed here will yield a very light perfume, suitable for a woman, that will "mature" within one full day. More complex fragrance methods may take several weeks to be completely ready for use.

  • Are Muslims allowed to use hand sanitiser? - Loire-net.tv

    loire-net.tv/health-news/are-muslims-allowed-to... CachedWhile we try to survive a global pandemic, most Muslims will pay attention to health guidelines and use the products as much as necessary. It is Islamically halal (permissible) to do so too. Most Muslims will agree that anything that's a necessity is allowed, meaning alcohol-based cleaning products that don't have an intoxicating effect are ...

  • 1. Can we apply perfume and perform Salah. - Islamhelpline

    islamhelpline.net/node/7076 Cached1. Can we apply perfume and perform Salah, coz I heard from people that we can perform, the alcohol in it gets evaporated and the fragrance stays on the cloths. 2. Can we eat till the end of Fajr Azan in Ramadan or we have to stop as soon we listen to the Azan. 3.

  • "Can I Wear Alcohol Based Perfumes" - Shaykh Abu Abdissalam ...

    /watch?v=rokshODk4pU CachedDec 20, 2018 · Are Muslims allowed to use alcohol based perfumes? Is the fact that alcohol is Haram to consume mean it is also haram to be used for everything and anything else? Shaykh Abu Abdissalam answers and ... Video Duration: 10 minViews: 1486Author: Abu Abdissalam

  • DIY alcohol-based and alcohol free natural perfumes ...

    alcohol-based-and... CachedHere you can find different hints to make alcohol-based and alcohol free natural perfumes, choosing your favourite fragrance Having your body clean and scented is a clear proof of social politeness. But it's not necessary to buy expensive perfumes by famous Perfume Masters if you know how to make yourself natural essences!

  • can Muslims use products that contain ethanol? | Yahoo Answers

    in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=... CachedMay 07, 2008 · I use alcohol based perfumes and deos because you aren't getting intoxicated right? just applying on the skin. The reason its haram is to prevent people from getting intoxicated and addicted.. nothing else.My take, you should probably consult some well read muslim.

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